WGBS of forebrain plus strand methylation state at CpG rep1 ENCSR430SAY - ENCFF528PXE (hub_2323363_ENCFF528PXE)
  Position: chr14:55,784,995-55,788,865
Total Bases in view: 3,871
Statistics on: 941 items covering 941 bases (24.31% coverage)
Average item spans 1.00 bases.
Average value 4.1369 min 0 max 100 standard deviation 16.9198
biosample:"Mus musculus strain B6NCrl forebrain tissue embryo (16.5 days) ENCBS156DHU"
file download:"ENCFF528PXE"
laboratory:"Joe Ecker Salk"
replicate (bio_tech):"1_1"
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