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Get DNA in Window (hg38/Human)

Get DNA for


Note: This page retrieves genomic DNA for a single region. If you would prefer to get DNA for many items in a particular track, or get DNA with formatting options based on gene structure (introns, exons, UTRs, etc.), try using the Table Browser with the "sequence" output format. You can also use the REST API with the /getData/sequence endpoint function to extract sequence data with coordinates.

Sequence Retrieval Region Options:

Add extra bases upstream (5') and extra downstream (3')

Note: if a feature is close to the beginning or end of a chromosome and upstream/downstream bases are added, they may be truncated in order to avoid extending past the edge of the chromosome.

Sequence Formatting Options:

All upper case.
All lower case.
Mask repeats: to lower case to N
Reverse complement (get '-' strand sequence)

Note: The "Mask repeats" option applies only to "get DNA", not to "extended case/color options".